Funded by the NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority-Serving Institutions Cooperative Agreement Award #NA16SEC4810009

Last year Dr. Martínez-Colón was approached by European colleagues to be a collaborator of a proposal to be funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). The four-year proposal was approved!

Dr. Michael Martínez-Colón
Dr. Michael Martínez-Colón

The project, undeRstanding coral thErmal bleaching threSholds during past interglacIaL extremes: Insight into thermal strEsses dyNamics on tropical Coral reef Ecosystems (RESILIENCE), contributes to the understanding of climate dynamics in tropical (e.g., Florida Keys) and subtropical regions, and to understand the cause of the survival and or decline of coral reefs, which is presently a global serious concern.

One of our CCME sponsored graduate students here at CSUMB, Caroline Rodriguez, was announced this morning as a Knauss Finalist.

The official announcement can be found here:

She will officially start her fellowship this upcoming February after defending her masters thesis in the fall. Happy to answer any questions or put individuals in contact with Caroline.

Congratulations to all of our recent Spring 2021 graduates!


NOAA CCME Spring 2021 Graduates
Rhamira Corbett - BS in Environmental Studies, FAMU (top left)
Alexis Hamilton - BS in Environmental Science, FAMU (top right)
Malia Machado - BS in Marine Sciences, CSUMB (bottom left)
Andria Miller - BS in Biological Sciences, JSU (bottom right)

Erica Brooks - B.S. in Biology, JSU
Aaliyah Brown - B.S. in Biology, FAMU
Rhamira Corbett - B.S. in Environmental Studies, FAMU
Taylor Eddy - M.S. in Marine Science, CSUMB
Derrick Gunn - B.S. in Biology, JSU
Alexis Hamilton - B.S. in Environmental Science, FAMU
Malia Machado - B.S. in Biology, CSUMB
Andria Miller - B.S. in Biological Sciences, JSU
Katia Sanchez - B.S. in Environmental Sciences, UTRGVM


Bayrón-Arcelay, M., Bourke, E., Garwood, J., and Martinez-Colon, M., Seasonal Assessment of Benthic Foraminifera in Apalachicola Bay, Florida.

Martinez-Colon, M., Overview of ongoing projects to assess the environmental health condition of Apalachicola Bay.

Morey, S.L., Impacts of river discharge variability on coastal and shelf water properties in and near Apalachicola Bay.

Del Angel D., Yoskowitz, D., Bilskie M., and Hagen S., Economic Impact Analysis of Storm Flooding under Sea Level Rise.


Four CCME faculty at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, received leveraged funding from the Matagorda Bay Mitigation Trust (MBMT). The MBMT was established by a final Consent Decree on 2019. One requirement of the Consent Decree requires Formosa Plastics to embark on mitigation projects. The new project will help enhance work by several CCME graduate students. The MBMT manages mitigation projects including research. For 2021, the MBMT announced the following awards

  1. Colorado River Delta Ecosystem Assessment: Gathering key baseline data to guide future habitat restoration in Matagorda Bay - Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi ($495,991), Greg Stunz
  2. A research and monitoring program to mitigate the impact of harmful algal blooms on the Matagorda Bay and San Antonio Bay ecosystems – Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi ($478,882), Michael Wetz
  3. Mercury and Plastic in Commercial and Recreational Fisheries in Lavaca, Matagorda, and San Antonio Bays: Risk Assessment and Interaction between the Two Contaminants – Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi ($499,917), Jeremy Conkle
  4. Long-term Trends in Lavaca-Colorado and Guadalupe Estuaries – Texas A&M University Corpus Christi ($159,055), Paul Montagna